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Encapson is a dynamic, technology-driven company specializing in innovative coatings for medical devices.
Our exciting new coating Sono-Coat is an echogenic coating which can be used to make your device more visible in a patient under ultrasound.
It can be used to coat many different types of devices from steel needles to polymer based catheters.
The advantage of Sono-Coat over other methods of enhancing Ultrasound visibility is that it can be tailored to the needs of the device. It can be applied only as a marker, or can be used to coat the whole device or it can be used as a primer with a second lubricious, or insulating coating over the top.
Sono-coat is an excellent way to add a great feature to your device to give it an edge over the competition.

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Encapson has developed a coating that helps to significantly improve the ultrasound visibility (echogenicity) of devices in the body. Most medical devices are difficult to visualize when they are not perpendicular to the transducer.

Untreated needle, Treated needle
After applying Sono-Coat to a medical device it can be observed at any angle. Whether the device is made of metal or plastic our coating performs outstandingly.


  • Biopsy needles
  • Anesthesiology needles
  • Brachytherapy needles
  • Guiding catheters
  • Embryo transfer catheters
  • Drainage catheters

If you are interested in using this exciting new technology  for your medical devices please contact us for more details.


The outstanding ability of Sono-Coat to improve the ultrasound visiblity of a device can be clearly seen in the videos below.




What We Offer

Encapson offers a range of formulations, which are suitable for coating a wide range of different materials. This allows our customers to coat and visualize almost any device.

All coating can be applied using both spray coating and dip coating and are class V bio-compatible tested
We have a variety of formulations which can be used to coat the following:

Polymer Based Devices: PolyUrethanes, Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), PEBAX, Nylon, PolyOlefine’s, PVC, PET and POM

Metal Based Devices: Steel, NITINOL, Titanium

All our coatings can be applied using both spray coating and dip coating and are class V bio-compatible tested


Encapson is focused on providing high quality products to our customers. To support this we are ISO 13485:2012 certified.

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About us

Encapson is a Medical device technology company with the mission to improve patient comfort through innovation.

We want to be at the forefront of a transition away from damaging Imaging modalities like X-ray to cheaper and safer alternatives, with Ultrasound being the current focus.

Our vision is to be the front runner in echogenic coatings. We will work with medical device companies to improve ultrasound visibility on medical devices and in collaboration with our partners develop the gold standard for precision guided medical procedures, to improve patient care and quality of life.

Management Team

Heico Breek, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Before joining Encapson, Heico Breek held senior management positions in both Europe and the United States at Aventis Pharma as Vice-President Global Marketing for Aventis’ Arthritis and Bone Group. He was General Manager of Aventis AB in Sweden. After moving to biotech he became Chief Commercial Officer of Tigenix NV, a Belgian company active in the field of Regenerative Medicine. Heico holds a Medical Degree from the VU University Amsterdam and an executive MBA.

Lee Ayres, PhD

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Lee helped co-found Encapson, and is responsible for strategy implementation, operations and business development. He also leads the product development and marketing and sales teams within Encapson.
Lee holds a degree in Chemistry and Management in Industry from University of York and a PhD from the Radboud University of Nijmegen in Synthetic Polymer Chemistry.

Supervisory Board

Harm de Vries

Harm has extensive experience in structuring, establishing, monitoring and exiting technology companies and university spin-outs and in setting-up and operating (university) venture funds. Harm co-founded the Twente Technology Fund in 2010.

In 2007 Harm had also co-founded the Erasmus MC Biomedical Fund and in 2009 the Life Sciences Fund Amsterdam. More

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If you would like to know more about what we do please contact us at the address given below,
or use the contact form on the ‘contact form’ page.

Encapson BV

Tel: +31 24 7110330
Fax: +31 24 7110337

E-mail: info@encapson.com

Hengelosestraat 705
7521 PA Enschede
The Netherlands

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