Encapson receives first financing round from Twente Technology Fund

  • June 1, 2012
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Encapson receives first financing round from Twente Technology Fund and appoints Job Elders as the new Chairman of its Supervisory Board


Today biomedical company Encapson announced that it received a first financing round from the Twente Technology Fund. Encapson is specialized in adding new features to Medical Devices. Encapson will use the financing to further develop and commercialise its lead product: Sono-Coat.
Sono-Coat makes medical devices, such as catheters, better visible in the body under ultrasound imaging. Making a device better visible under ultrasound allows a procedure to be carried out faster and more accurately. For several procedures Sono-Coat will allow X-ray imaging to be replaced with safer ultrasound imaging.

Encapson CEO dr. Lee Ayres is excited about the investment: “It is a great step forward for Encapson and will give us the ability to bring Sono-Coat to the market and to develop a solid line of our own poducts”.
TTF Managing partner and Encapson supervisory board member Harm de Vries is enthusiastic about the investment:  “We see great potential in Encapson, its initial product Sono-Coat and also in the product pipeline it is building. I am looking forward to working closely with the management team to develope the company further”.
Encapson has set up its headquarters in the science park of the University of Twente.

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