Encapson receives second financing round

  • May 2, 2014
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Encapson receives second financing round from Twente Technology Fund and Innovation Fund Enschede

Today biomedical company Encapson announced that it closed a second financing round from the Twente Technology Fund and the Innovation Fund Enschede.
Encapson’s lead product is Sono-Coat, which was developed to make medical devices, such as catheters and needles, better visible in the body under ultrasound imaging. Improving a devices visibility under ultrasound allows a procedure to be carried out faster and more accurately. For several procedures Sono-Coat will allow X-ray imaging to be replaced with safer and cheaper ultrasound imaging.
This investment round will be used to further expand the companies manufacturing capabilities and clean room facilities in Enschede
Encapson CEO Donato Di Biase is excited about the investment:  “We have completely finished development of this unique technology and are now busy working with our customers to coat their devices” he commented “with this new investment round we are able to speed this process up and to offer our customers an even higher level of service”
TTF Managing partner and Encapson supervisory board member Harm de Vries is enthusiastic about the investment:  “Since our first investment Encapson has developed a fantastic product portfolio and is working together with some very strong device manufacturers to perfect the coating on their specific devices and bring them into the market”
“This investment will lead to the introduction of several improved medical devices into the Market, leading to better patient comfort and saving hospitals costs” says Bart Blokhuis, Innovation Fund Enschede fund manager. “This fits with the core goals of our fund and we are excited to join TTF and Encapson in this venture” 

About the Encapson and its technology 

Encapson is a Medical device technology company with the mission to improve patient comfort through innovation. We want to be at the forefront of a transition away from damaging imaging modalities like X-ray to cheaper and safer alternatives, with Ultrasound being the current focus. Our vision is to be the front-runner in echogenic coatings. We are working with medical device companies to improve ultrasound visibility on medical devices and in collaboration with our partners develop the gold standard for precision-guided medical procedures, to improve patient care and quality of life.

For more information please contact
Email: info@encapson.com
Tel: +31247110330

Or visit www.encapson.com
About the Twente Technology Fund

The Twente Technology Fund is an independent venture capital fund aiming to capitalize on new technological developments. It provides investment capital to fund high tech entrepreneurial activity in the Twente region in general and at the University of Twente in particular. The Fund is a specialist fund, targeting companies that are developing commercially promising products and technologies.
For more information please visit
Or visit www.twentefund.nl
Innovation Fund Enschede
Innovation Fund Enschede invests in innovations in the area of sustainability, safety and healthcare. The fund provides investment capital for companies in these three fields and by doing so aims to stimulate the economic environment around Enschede. The fund works closely with their majority share holder the  Enschede city council. For more information please visit

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